barre concept
Meet us at the Barre! Our signature, one-hour Barre Concept class is designed to mimic the flexibility and strength exercises utilized by dancers. This class is a body sculpting method of exercise which combines the core strength, control and precision of Pilates, with the positions, moves, grace and technique of ballet. Add to this the alignment of yoga and strength from sports conditioning and you have all the aspects of a Barre Concept workout. Move to the beat and feel the burn. *suitable for all levels*
body barre express
Get in and sweat it out! A 45 minute version of our Barre Concept class that will leave you feeling energized and able to tackle your day head on. Tone your body on the go with this fast and effective workout.
Bodyflow Yoga
Go with the flow. This Vinyasa inspired Yoga class combines the best of Pilate and  with a Flowing Yoga inspired Warm up. These  creative flowing combinations  align and restore the body, mind and spirit. All set to  uplifting music.
BODY pilates
Re-shape and contour your waist line with this core-strengthening, on the mat work out. Pilates improves flexibility and builds on strength, control and endurance whilst focusing on alignment and controlled breathing. Designed to develop a stronger core and improve coordination and balance. Body Pilates allows for exercises to be modified from beginner to advanced.
rad body reformer
This fun and athletic group reformer class focuses on dynamic flow, creative full body movements. Learn to minimize the use of flexion based exercises to target the core while maximizing functional movement patterns to restore whole body strength, agility, flexibility and coordination.
Transform Body
This signature three-month transformation program – exclusive to Body Barre women's only gym in Vaughan – blends the best of strength training, cardio and Pilates. We take you from A to Z, teaching you the basic fundamental exercises that help to build a strong, fit and healthy body. 
body hiIT
Develop sexy lean muscle and activate your metabolism with this dynamic and fast-paced workout. Body HIIT focuses on full body movements, strength, flexibility, and conditioning. In this class we utilize the TRX suspension trainer, weights, resistance bands, stability balls and body weight. This results-driven class constantly changes and is divided into upper and lower body training throughout the week. Elevate your heart rate and challenge yourself; results will surely follow! 
Book a private one-on-one session with one of Body Barre's Personal Trainers, and train at Vaughan's most reputable women's only gym. Incorporating the Stott Pilates method, workouts on the reformer offer a new way to challenge the core and limbs with adjustable resistance for total body conditioning. Then exercises are designed to help restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscle around the joints. The reformer uses body weight and resistance springs to promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. These workouts can be catered to any fitness level, as there is no impact on the joints, it is also safe for injuries and rehabilitation. For those who want intensity, the exercises can go from basic to advanced. with added resistance to intensify the exercises. These workouts will definitely challenge even the most seasoned practitioner. sessions are 45- 60 min and the time will fly by with endless exercise possibilities. Private training is perfect for those who have set goals to meet, as we will create a program and design a workout specifically for you.

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