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  • stevenkotler16
    Mar 27, 2018

    Share your views its helpful to reduce belly fat or not? I want to learn pilates from Pilates Mastery in New York, So it will helpful for me?
  • BodyBarre Boutique Fitness & Training School
    Aug 12, 2017

    Hi Friends, Have you tried the Keto diet? I want to know your thoughts on it , if you have. Today was my first day on the Ketogenic diet. I'm doing it with my hubby and fellow instructor Voula. It's basically a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. The purpose of it is to get you in ketosis, meaning a fat burning zone where your body utilizes your fat stores for energy. So far today my diet has consist of my bulletproof coffee in th morning with collagen added. Then Lunch I had like a nacho salad minus the nachos, ground beef, mexican spices, greens , sourcream ( yes it's permitted!) and some almonds. This week will probably be the toughest, I am elimanating all sugars, even fruit, all starches and eating lots of healthy fats like mct oil, coconut , olive, avocado , high fat creams are allowed and cheeses ( if you can tolerate). So I will keep you guy all posted on how this keto diet goes for me. Let me know what your doing? Do you have any tips or tricks that have work for you with you nutrition, fitness and wellness etc.... Tina
  • BodyBarre Boutique Fitness & Training School
    Dec 29, 2017

    Ola Peeps!! I just finish practicing todays RadBody Reformer Class and i have some fun new ways of working the body! I love the reformer because its just a verstile piece of equipment that has no impact on the joints. So after you finish a session it always leaves you feeling tone and stretch at the sametime. Also did I mention its a sustainible fitness practice. Meaning I can do it as I age. Next week I'm turning 44 years young as I like to put it and I LOVE Pilates & Barre so much! When I found this method of training I was so grateful ! Coming from an athlete background of always training so hard , my body just was not responded the same way. I was getting injured more and I needed a change but didnt want to give up my fitness practice. Thats when I found Barre Concept and Pilates!! Its the best way of moving freely on all levels, strength, mobility, flexibilty and dynamic power!!! whos is with me?? I want to know your thoughts???