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About Us

Body Barre Fitness & Training Studio™ is a women’s-only gym in Vaughan, Ont. Body Barre™ offers an innovative, balanced and body-positive approach to personal training and group fitness classes for women in a private studio setting.

The Method™ is the latest fitness craze hitting the globe. It’s a dance-inspired fitness class that blends Pilates, strength training, yoga and sports conditioning. These challenging 45-minute classes effectively strengthen, tone and lengthen the entire body.


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The Method™ Founder & Master Trainer, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, CanFitPro Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pre- and Post-Natal Specialist, Pilates Union UK Certified, Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach

With over 20 years of experience in fitness and nutrition, working as a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer, Tina built an integrated women’s fitness studio in Vaughan. Her knowledge of health and fitness plays deeply into the personal training programs, classes and coaching. Plus, she knows and understands where her clients are coming from. At 16, Tina weighed 200 pounds, which drove her to learn how to live an active lifestyle. She is a well-rounded fitness expert, trained in Pilates, barre, running, strength training, yoga and martial arts. Tina holds a Black Belt! She is an innovative and dynamic fitness trainer focused on body positivity and is determined to help motivate women to be healthy, strong and balanced – no matter their stage in life.



Maria has practiced Pilates since the age of 18, when she moved to Boston from Venezuela. What started as a hobby became a passion at the well-respected Boston Body Pilates. When she moved to Canada, she discovered Body Barre™ and was trained intensively by Tina to become a certified instructor. Take one of Maria’s classes, and you see first-hand Maria’s passion. She ensures her students believe they can complete every exercise with modifications or advanced exercises. Holding a 200-hour certificate in yoga, Pilates and barre, Maria always pushes the bar, so to speak, keeping up to date on the science of fitness and learning and employing new techniques. She makes each class unexpected and challenging.



When she put on her first ballet slippers at three years old, Carla fell in love with dance. She studied classical ballet and jazz for 20 years and also taught young toddlers. Later, she challenged herself with fitness classes, yoga and running, but soon found she was bored. Until she discovered Body Barre™. Her passion was reignited with the fundamental movements of ballet, the flexibility of yoga and the strength of Pilates. Physically she found her body slowing evolving towards the long lithe form of a graceful dancer with the strength of an athlete. Carla completed the Body Barre™ Fitness Teacher Training and employs this methodology in her classes: Train like a beast and look like a beauty!



Trained in jazz, tap and ballet at the Performing Dance Arts School of Dance, Sonia was empowered by the mental and physical strength that came from training. That followed her into fitness and running. A marathon runner, Sonia found that yoga helped balance her running training, namely when she did the New York City Marathon. This helped her realize she needed more from fitness, and that traditional classes just don’t cut it for her. When a friend encouraged her to try Body Barre™, she found that barre fused everything she loved in physical fitness and movement. She completed Barre teacher training program and advanced further with certifications in yoga, Pilates and personal training.



Angie is the perfect example of the student becoming the teacher. The newest instructor at Body Barre™, she found that the environment of women empowering women and the variety of classes pushed her to become a certified fitness instructor. Always active and health-focused, she loved training and working out. But it was the one-on-one experiences that drove her to the front of the class. For Angie, fitness isn’t just about the visual progress, but also the improvements in feeling stronger and healthier. She is proud to be part of the Body Barre™ family. Her personality is her biggest strength, and every woman who takes her classes always have a good laugh as a distraction from the sweat.



If you look up “athlete” in the dictionary, you will see Suzie’s photo. Her background is filled with sports, from volleyball to baseball to swimming. But strength training is definitely her thing. She loves the variety Body Barre™ offers clients, which also makes her schedule exciting, too. There is not a class that Suzie won’t teach–or even take! Which is why she finally decided to take the plunge and switch careers at Body Barre™ by becoming a barre-certified instructor, trained in yoga, Pilates and personal training. Not only was she fit, she fit the environment: Supporting women of all backgrounds with the common goal to kick some ass.



When you meet Fil, you instantly see how she raises the energy of a room. She makes friends easily and loves seeing her clients get stronger. So you may notice that you’re lifting heavier weights with each class. Much like many of the trainers at Body Barre™, an active childhood evolved into a love for sports and fitness, earmarked by discovering Tina’s method and integrated programs at Body Barre™. It was after a car accident, though, when she could no longer do activities she loved like kick boxing, that she found Pilates – the only thing that helped her back injury. The OFSAA competitive gymnast is so motivating, she keeps you accountable with a wink and a smile.



Sandra’s love for fitness began with yoga back in 2007. Later, when she was living in Vancouver, she discovered and fell in love with Pilates. It was the power of combining flexibility, mobility and core strength that compelled Sandra to become a certified instructor, getting her certification at Body Barre Fitness & Training. During her teacher training program, she became passionate about barre, and she blended this practice into her existing yoga and Pilates routines. The good music, dance, having fun, toning the body and burning calories all called Sandra made teaching her calling. She is a believer that your workout should be your sanctuary. As a fitness advocate, she invites her students to forget about their day, encourages them to show up for themselves, to have fun and to sweat hard.

Good Clean Fun

All studios and equipment are disinfected between every use. We also care about what we’re cleaning with, which is why Body Barre uses EnviroNize Anolyte Sports Care Disinfectant 500, the only all natural, non-toxic disinfectant. All classes are 45 minutes with a 15- to 30-minute window between for proper cleaning protocols. Every member is provided with a designated bin to place equipment for disinfecting. 

Masks are to be worn in high traffic areas of the studio, hand-sanitizing stations are available in every room, and commercial-grade disinfectant, approved by Health Canada, and hospital-grade disinfectant wipes are provided at each workout station. However, during class, Body Barre instructors are not required to wear masks while instructing and will keep within their two-metre designated area. 

What Our Clients Say

Slide Those Last 10 Pounds Over a three-month period, Tina became more than just a personal trainer, she became a friend. Tina really takes the time to get to know her client's body, mind and spirit. During the program, she is fully devoted to you and your transformation. Not only is she present at the gym, but she also makes herself available outside of studio.
– Ela
Slide Fit After Pregnancy Tina is the best personal trainer and coach I could ever ask for! She is committed to getting to know you, your body and making sure you reach your fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology and nutrition, which makes her personalized fitness and nutrition programs absolutely amazing. – Christina Slide Working Out For Energy When I first started at Body Barre, I was out of shape and had gained some extra weight, so it took extra effort to complete the class. One year later, with a combination of diet and exercise, I’m 20 pounds lighter and I feel better than ever. My energy has returned. I sleep better. And feel stronger than I did in my 20s. Tina’s classes motivate me to be the best possible version of myself. – Grace Slide 60-Something & Fit In my 60s, overweight, tired, I had already tried all the gimmicks, diets from juicing, shakes, vibration machines, gyms.. You name it – I tried it. I thought 'this' was just how the 60s should feel – until I met Tina. Never have I had such great results with weight loss and body transformation. This gets results! Tina made me believe in myself, made me take action, and learn from my mistakes – Judy Slide The A-ha Moment – Deciding to Lose 35 Pounds

had my a-ha moment after a family function in June 2013. After seeing a photo of myself and how much my stomach bloated after the meal, I decided that was it! I met with Tina, and we started training three times a week , along with changing my eating habits. My goal was to lose 15 pounds. I needed the one-on-one for accountability. It was hard but it paid off. Tina was very supportive and attentive. She always kept things interesting and motivating. – Piera
Slide Eating Better Made Easy
I’ve been attending Tina’s bootcamps since May 2012, and I am thankful to my friend who told me all about her classes. I say 'class' because Tina not only gives us a kick-butt workout, but she also teaches nutrition and simplify easy to make meals plans. She motivates and inspires me to take better care of myself. Before I took her classes, I was only concerned how I looked on the outside. My weight loss and lost inches have stayed off, and I continue her classes as it is now my lifestyle. – Shannon
Slide New Mom, New Body I started training with Tina eight weeks after the birth of my daughter. Within six months, I was not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I weight 15 pounds skinnier! I have always been active and athletic, but her bootcamps transformed my body to a shape I never achieved before. I am a happier, healthier and, quite frankly, addicted to her workouts. Two years later and I am still a regular. Thank you Tina and thank you to all the fellow Mommies that make sweating so much fun. That’s me in the middle. – Monica Slide Body Barre as Self-Care My workouts at Body Barre make me happy! About a year ago I was very disappointed when I tried on some clothes in a store change room and that’s when I decided to give Body Barre a try. Tina possesses a rare combination of experience, commitment and positivity that create the ideal environment for women. I was a big doubter. There was no way with my full schedule and young children that I could devote time to exercise I thought. However, it turned out that this was one of the few things in my life that was adding quality to my life! – Anonymous

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