Teacher Training

Why decide between Pilates, yoga, barre, fitness teacher training, when you can get the most comprehensive fitness instructor training for all? At Body Barre™ you decide your fitness career path. Check here often for updates on our teacher training courses and events.

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200-Hour Teacher Training in
Pilates & Barre & Reformer & Yoga Certification

Fall-Winter  2023 Intensive

Body Barre Method™ Accredited Teacher Training Program launched in 2013 and is the most comprehensive program of its kind.

Body Barre Fitness & Training Studio ™ is a registered Canadian Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School and a Private Educational Institution-certified with the Federal Government of Canada. Teacher training students will receive an official tuition fee receipt for income tax purposes. For more information for students, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.
Students receive a 10-month pass to all classes on our drop-in schedule and must attend 50 classes with their primary teacher throughout the duration of the pass. While the pass is unlimited, the objective is to complete the 50 compulsory classes, provided a class plan before certification is granted. Detailed instructions will be provided upon program registration.

Body Barre™ has been training teachers since 2013, along with mentoring students after course completion. Students also have the opportunity to apprentice at Body Barre Fitness & Training Studio. We offer Canadian Yoga Alliance and Continuing Education credits with Can Fit Pro registered training at a 200-hour level in Pilates, Barre, Yoga and HIIT fitness.

The schedule allows for a healthy, relaxed learning process, structured to meet the unique needs of students who work and/or go to school and have family commitments. This program is suitable for serious students with at least one year of fitness practice, who have developed a passion for the practice of fusion fitness in Pilates, barre and yoga.

The Body Barre™ environment is supportive, nurturing and friendly. Our 200-hour program focuses on in-depth training in functional anatomy, classical Pilates, Reformer, Body Barre Method ™, Body Flow Yoga and HIIT fitness classes. The Body Barre™ approach focuses on functional movements of the body with an emphasis on strength and empowerment, learning to create a positive experience for participates and/or private clients. Body Barre™ teaches through movements to explore the body, teaching proper alignment and good form and structure training programs that give discipline in clients’ daily lives.


Anatomy in Motion – 8 hours TBA Sept/Oct

Introduction to Fitness Fundamentals – 20 hours Sept 2/3/9/10 from 1-6pm (plus 12 hours of in class training, transform body)

The Art of Personal Training & Transformation – 20 hours Oct 7/8/14/15 from 1-6pm (plus 12 hours of in class training, transform body)

Body Flow Yoga – 10 hours Oct 21/22 from 11am-4pm (plus 20 hours of in class training)

Joseph Pilates Original Mat Work – 20 hours Nov 4/5/11/12 from 11am-4pm (plus 20 hours of in class training)

The Body Barre Method – 20 hours Dec 2/3/9/10 from 1-6pm (plus 20 hours of in class training)

Rad Body Reformer – 20 hours Jan 6/7/13/14 from 1-6pm (plus 20 hours of in class training)

Body HIIT Group Fitness – 20 hours Feb 3/4/10/11 from 1-6pm (plus 12 hours of in class training)

Private Mentoring – 10 to 20 hours

Total Hours: 250 – 300

Tuition: $3,850

What Our Clients Say

Slide Those Last 10 Pounds Over a three-month period, Tina became more than just a personal trainer, she became a friend. Tina really takes the time to get to know her client's body, mind and spirit. During the program, she is fully devoted to you and your transformation. Not only is she present at the gym, but she also makes herself available outside of studio.
– Ela
Slide Fit After Pregnancy Tina is the best personal trainer and coach I could ever ask for! She is committed to getting to know you, your body and making sure you reach your fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology and nutrition, which makes her personalized fitness and nutrition programs absolutely amazing. – Christina Slide Working Out For Energy When I first started at Body Barre, I was out of shape and had gained some extra weight, so it took extra effort to complete the class. One year later, with a combination of diet and exercise, I’m 20 pounds lighter and I feel better than ever. My energy has returned. I sleep better. And feel stronger than I did in my 20s. Tina’s classes motivate me to be the best possible version of myself. – Grace Slide 60-Something & Fit In my 60s, overweight, tired, I had already tried all the gimmicks, diets from juicing, shakes, vibration machines, gyms.. You name it – I tried it. I thought 'this' was just how the 60s should feel – until I met Tina. Never have I had such great results with weight loss and body transformation. This gets results! Tina made me believe in myself, made me take action, and learn from my mistakes – Judy Slide The A-ha Moment – Deciding to Lose 35 Pounds

had my a-ha moment after a family function in June 2013. After seeing a photo of myself and how much my stomach bloated after the meal, I decided that was it! I met with Tina, and we started training three times a week , along with changing my eating habits. My goal was to lose 15 pounds. I needed the one-on-one for accountability. It was hard but it paid off. Tina was very supportive and attentive. She always kept things interesting and motivating. – Piera
Slide Eating Better Made Easy
I’ve been attending Tina’s bootcamps since May 2012, and I am thankful to my friend who told me all about her classes. I say 'class' because Tina not only gives us a kick-butt workout, but she also teaches nutrition and simplify easy to make meals plans. She motivates and inspires me to take better care of myself. Before I took her classes, I was only concerned how I looked on the outside. My weight loss and lost inches have stayed off, and I continue her classes as it is now my lifestyle. – Shannon
Slide New Mom, New Body I started training with Tina eight weeks after the birth of my daughter. Within six months, I was not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I weight 15 pounds skinnier! I have always been active and athletic, but her bootcamps transformed my body to a shape I never achieved before. I am a happier, healthier and, quite frankly, addicted to her workouts. Two years later and I am still a regular. Thank you Tina and thank you to all the fellow Mommies that make sweating so much fun. That’s me in the middle. – Monica Slide Body Barre as Self-Care My workouts at Body Barre make me happy! About a year ago I was very disappointed when I tried on some clothes in a store change room and that’s when I decided to give Body Barre a try. Tina possesses a rare combination of experience, commitment and positivity that create the ideal environment for women. I was a big doubter. There was no way with my full schedule and young children that I could devote time to exercise I thought. However, it turned out that this was one of the few things in my life that was adding quality to my life! – Anonymous